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"When it evokes the image of the astrologer of ancient times, we imagine intent to observe the sky, patiently devoted to the understanding of the movements of the Planets and the Stars and the pursuit of the natural relationship between the cosmic and earthly events, an astrologer -astronomo then living in a cultural context very aware of the sky. Astro Bashir - ArticoliFor millennia, humans have observed the sky and in it he found the cycles of terrestrial life, immersing you in a mortgage resonate your imagination. It should not surprise us that, for example, in ancient Greece every citizen was familiar with the night sky: the mantle of Uranus was for the Greeks an open book, a sort of huge comic book where you can read the history of their ancestors and their mythology, from the Hercules’s exploit to the Zeus’s cunning transformations.

If from imaginary or from history we turn to today's reality, we find a very different scenario: we can only see a few Stars in a sky, now obscured by light pollution and suspended particulate matter, and little Astronomy is studied in school. Beside let’s also consider that the transition from a mythological vision of the world to a materialistic one has swept away a lot of charm on contemplating the heavens. Astro Bashir - Articoli It is quite common in our time that even a degree in physics barely recognize the Great Bear.

Among astronomers things of course are much better, but their interest is nowadays understandably turned to the most distant and deep space objects.

Among the astrologers, those who should pass down the ancient Sacred Science of the sky, things are definitly worse. It is extremely rare to encounter an astrologer that recognizes in the sky at least some of the Zodiac Constellations. Furthermore, if you ask him why he does not know them or because he does not affect, the most frequent response is that Astrology has nothing to do with the Stars and vice versa"
(Translated from the author’s Astrologia Siderale, pag. 7)

Western astrologers in fact have long since ceased to observe the sky. The Ptolemaic setting of an Earth at the center of the Universe led, due to the precession of the equinoxes, to such a discrepancy between the real sky and the one described by Western Astrology to reduce the observation of the heaven inconsistent with the astrological ephemeris.

Something changed in the middle of last century when Cyril Fagan introduced the western astrological world to the Chaldean-Babylonian sidereal Zodiac. Since then, among astrologers, a debate has developed about the two Zodiac; there have been many qualified astrological articles addressing the issue, definitely not yet resolved.

More recently, the disclosure of other astrological systems, particularly the Vedic tradition, and more public information about the sky, from the astronomical point of view, have finally raised the question of the discrepancy between the real sky and the symbolic one, as used western Astrology, to a wider audience.

"The sky is the oldest book of mankind; on it our history and our becoming are written. We come from Stars and to them back we will go, both as carbon element as ethereal. Our Galaxy is the symbol of everything that surrounds us, is the cosmic entity to which our solar system belongs and to which, as terrestrial beings, we all belong.
The 240 million years employed by the Galaxy to its rotation (in terrestrial analogy would correspond to a year) reduce to a microscopic fragment of time the entire history of mankind, which is still reflected in the Stars and the Stars reflected in itself, as in each of us.
It 's time to turn our gaze beyond the confines of the solar system, to become aware of the cosmic forces that are occurring at this time on our planet and inducing a rapidly changing and a new awareness of holistic and multi-dimensional. "

(Translated from author’s "Astrological Ages and Sidereal Astrology" published on the magazine OltreConfine, No. 14)

Beyond the system preferred by each astrologer, I think that it is necessary to work with an open mind and with respect for differences. Honest and sincere experimentation is perhaps the only answer to this debate, that I fear will not end so soon.

This space is therefore devoted to articles covering the subject.


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