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My discovery of astrology took place when I was little older then twenty. For a long time this art has been for me only a personal search in the esoteric and symbolic field and, although I was delighted to work out carefully my friends’ birth charts, the idea of giving sessions professionally was far away from me. Of course, my experience was based on the traditional tropic system and on the interpretation model that assimilates the natal chart with our identity - meaning the conception we have about ourselves and society. On this basis I have worked for decades and I can confirm that this system is certainly revealing our predispositions, the supports and challenges likely to be met in our live.
But all that was about to change for me.

It was during a long period of staying in India, the land that gave birth to one of the most ancient astrological tradition, that my passion for Astrology had been recognized; thus it began, to my surprise, a period of intense activity and consults. Then I felt the need to get closer to heaven and to know Stars better. It was the year of the twin towers and it made sense to gaze the sky and wonder what was going to change in the world. The result was that the magnificent tropical skies invited me to retrace the Astro Bashir - ASTROLOGY AND AWAKENING path of Astrology, starting from its origin: the direct observation of the stars in the heaven. This inevitably led me in a short time to embrace the sidereal system, also supported in this by the ancient Indian tradition. It was not an easy transition, but the fruits were not slow to appear.

But the changes were not over: a year later I attended a one month intensive retreat, during which I recognized, beyond intellectual knowledge and experience, that "Who am I " is pure consciousness. It is the silent observer of external events and of our body-mind experiences on the physical, emotional and mental level. The subsequent reversal of my existential vision has led to the realization that "Who am I " is by nature totally free from any influence or external influences, even astrological!

After the retreat I did not give astrological consultations for a couple of months, then clients again started to ask for readings. At the first session, as I saw the birth chart generated by the computer, I could not help to laugh ... it meant no longer anything to me, and if something had to mean it was tied to the identity of the person and this did not make sense anymore to me. I had to apologize with that client, who had been somewhat shocked by my reaction. I did not laugh about his chart, of course, but what it meant to me. This new situation resulted in not being able to give sessions for more than a year, during which I continued anyway my research on the sidereal field. In this process it began slowly to take shape naturally a new way, a new language that interprets the chart from the perspective of the person’s true aware nature rather than from the perspective of his identity.

The point of course is not that the traditional Astrology does not work, it is simply that the identification of the person with his birth chart inevitably leads to the creation of a cage made of concepts and ideas around its true nature. My work since had been addressed to invite people to begin a process of liberation from their habits of thought and ideas about themselves, which are often the real limit, the obstacle that they do not see.

This of course leads to a change, that not everyone is ready to welcome, so maybe Sidereal Astrology is not for everyone, but ...
"... it is definitely meaningful and acceptable to those who has come or is about to reach in their lives a turning point, in the existential sense not merely worldly or professional, and are ready for a deep renewal; thus preparing themselves at the individual level to the big changes and the dimensional shift that the new age of Aquarius is preparing for us."
Translated from Astrologia Siderale pag.129


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