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These events are intended to spread the knowledge of Astrology from the point of view of history, astronomy and in particular to share the sidereal vision and its method of interpretation of the chart. Conferences had been held on the following topics:

In Search of the Lost Heaven. Introduction to Astrology Sidereal.
Heaven as a way of liberation. Introduction to the method of interpretation sidereal.
...And if the Moon there was no more? To learn more about our satellite.
Astro for Astro, Astronomy for Astrologers and lovers of the sky.
Nakshatra, the lunar stations of the Vedic tradition.

The class

The class is aimed at those who want to learn sidereal Astrology, or learn more about the sky, the Stars and their relationship with man.
Will be introduced techniques and tools necessary to track and interpret their own birth chart to learn more about their attitudes, emotional charges, trends and potential.
Lessons can be individual or for groups, also via Skype.

Themes that will be covered.

  • Historical bases
  • Synchronicity and non-locality
  • Elements of Astronomy
  • Star Fields, Constellations, fixed Stars
  • Traditional and modern Planets, ideal points
  • How to trace the Chart of the sky
  • Personal Fields
  • Planetary Aspects
  • Interpretation
  • Transits

The techniques are based on the sidereal method; but they allow processing also the traditional tropical theme. In other words the method expands your vision without excluding anything.
In addition to the material of every meeting to those who complete the course will be given a CD containing astronomical and astrological software.

Dates to be determined for the next course.

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For any seminars or study days in other cities will be made to achieve the inclusion of a minimum number.

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